The Information Literacy Assessment & Advocacy Project (ILAAP) is an assessment tool designed to investigate the information literacy skills of first and second-year post-secondary students.

A growing focus on assessment in post-secondary environments has prompted libraries to consider the effectiveness of their information literacy programs and the impact they have on student learning.  To that end, the ILAAP group came together in 2011 to form an information literacy assessment working group.

ILAAP’s vision was to develop an assessment tool that can be used at any and all post-secondary institutions, regardless of size, location or context, allowing librarians working at these institutions to assess the learning of their students.

The ILAAP tool is unique.  It is customizable,  designed to respond to the unique needs of local institutions and provide an appropriate model for promoting and assessing information literacy skills among undergraduate students. The tool was designed using ACRL Standards and is now also mapped to the ACRL Framework.

The tool is ideal for libraries that are:

  • primarily undergraduate institutions.
  • looking for a no-cost information literacy assessment solution.
  • interested in gathering assessment data from library instruction in first and second year courses.
  • looking to demonstrate the value of their instruction programs and their impact on student learning.

While the questions themselves are available under a Creative Commons licence, the real power of the tool comes from delivering it via WASSAIL, open source information literacy assessment software used to manage questions and responses in information literacy instruction.

Are you interested in participating? Fill out this form or email us at ilaap.project@gmail.com.


Red Deer College                   University of Alberta


2 thoughts on “About ILAAP

  1. Karla Spence Bluestone

    I am interested in viewing your assessment tool. It seems like a good fit for our institution. Seems we are always talking about assessment in our IL teaching environment – quite a moving target!


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