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nancy photoNancy Goebel is Head Librarian of the Augustana Campus Library of the University of Alberta (Canada). Nancy’s strong interest in information literacy has led her to spearhead: annual  “Information Literacy in Academic Libraries” workshops featuring high-profile international speakers since 2000; the creation of information literacy awards for students and faculty; the production of the DVD It Changed the Way I Do Research Period: Augustana Talks Information Literacy; the open source information literacy assessment software WASSAIL, and, the augustana human library.


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Michelle Edwards Thomson has served as the team lead for assessment as well as the information literacy and curriculum lead at Red Deer College Library.  Michelle is an active and passionate instructor, working to effect changes to curriculum and pedagogy. She also served as co-chair of the Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library Information Literacy & Awareness Committee, an Alberta-wide initiative.



The ILAAP team would also like to recognize former ILAAP team members Becky Willson, Sara Sharun, and Jessica Knoch.