To become an ILAAP participating institution:

Please fill out the Expression of Interest form to express your interest in becoming a participating institution.  

A member of the ILAAP team will work with you and your library to ensure the ILAAP assessment tool is right for you.  If you are a part of a group of colleagues from the same institution hoping to use the ILAAP tool, please designate a contact to work with the ILAAP team.

If you determine that the tool is right for you, a member of the ILAAP team will add you to our list of Participating Institutions and to the Questionnaire Request Form.  You will then be able to request a questionnaire.  Note: you cannot use this form to request a questionnaire if you have not been added as a participating institution.

 To receive and use questionnaires:

Review the questions in the question bank and select the questions that best match the learning outcomes for your session. Questions can be selected from either or both of the documents:

While we only add questions during the summer months, due to workload, you’re welcome to suggest additions or changes to the question bank at any time.

After reviewing the questions, please request a custom questionnaire using the Questionnaire Request Form. Please note: some question stems are quite similar; confirm that you are selecting the correct question by using the WASSAIL numbers provided.

Please request the questionnaire at least two business days prior to your session.

If you have a class with multiple sections, you have two options:

  • We can generate separate questionnaire URLs for each class section. Each section would use its own URL, but would be answering the same set of questions. Using separate URLs for each class section will allow you to view separate reports for each section. If you would like to use separate URLs for each class section, please provide the relevant information for each class section. Information for up to five sections may be entered. If you have more class sections, you may contact us directly or you may fill out the form again
  • We can also generate a single questionnaire URL which can be used in all of the class sections. Using a single URL for all of the sections will allow you to view the data from all sections in a single report. If you would like to use a single questionnaire URL for all sections of your class, please provide the relevant information for only one class section and set the expiration date so that the URL remains active for the dates of all of your class sections.

If you wish to use the questions to conduct pre- and post-testing, please select the appropriate test type while filling out the form. Please note: the same questions asked in the pre-test will automatically be put into your post-test, but you will have the opportunity to select additional questions for the post-test.

You will be sent a time-sensitive URL to access a unique questionnaire containing your selected questions. The URL will expire at midnight on the day of your session unless you request a different expiry date. There is no limit to the number of classes for which you are able to generate a questionnaire.

To receive questionnaire results:

Summary reports for your individual class will be sent to you within five weekdays. The different types of reports you will typically see are explained in this pdf document.

Special requests for reports summarizing aggregate data from sessions (such as a report for all psychology classes taught in a particular term), as well as other special requests (such as reports showing individual student responses), can be made. If you are unsure what kind of special report you would like, but would like to see the data somehow differently, please simply describe what you are looking for. These reports will be created within ten weekdays. To request a report please complete this form.

Other useful information:

Data generated by your institution is not being used for research purposes by the ILAAP team. Only aggregate data from your own institution will be provided to you.

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